Baby shower invites help the hostess save time. It's not a bad idea either to have some few extra cards ready. And if you are planning to send the invites by mail, you would want to make sure that your invitation is not discarded thinking it be a junk mail. To avoid that it is also very important to make the envelope unique and attractive. 

The first thing to decide on when you are thinking about baby shower invites is the number of people you are going to invite. This will depend on the place you are going to host the event like your backyard or a hall. Then you will also have to decide if you are only inviting the ladies or if children and couples are also allowed. This will help you choose the theme for the invitation.

There are different approaches you can take to make the invitation cards. You can make them by hand, print them, use online baby shower stores, etc. If you are looking for ideas, you can check the internet, magazines, and even old invitations.

The personality of the mother or the parents should determine the kind of theme you choose for the occasion. If it's a humorous person, wacky cards are fun. If the parent or parents have an inclination for elegance, the invitation should be more formal.

You will get ideas for baby shower invites by checking online. The internet is a huge pool of information, and the more ideas you want, the more you will get. There are many great online baby showers stores that can help you decide on your theme and plan.

The best way to accommodate everyone's schedule is to send the baby shower invites three to six weeks before the event. This gives the guests ample to decide what they want to do, return RSVP's, manage their schedules, and also buying more thoughtful gifts.

The important things you cannot miss on the invitation card are the name(s) of the parent or parents. The date and time, theme, direction and location of the venue, address of the hostess or host, registry information of the new or to be parent(s), suggestions for gifts, food arrangements, return RSVP timeline, favorite color of the guest of honor, and last but not the lest, definitely mention if it is going to be a surprise party.

By keeping these points in mind, you will be able to organize one of the best baby showers.